Artwork Guidelines.

 Viper want your prints to be perfect, the best they can be.

Follow these guide lines when submitting your own artwork. This way you will get the best results and not garbage!

1. CYMK colours will get you a better colour match. RGB colours are for screens and monitors.

2. 300dpi is best, 150dpi is ok, 100dpi and below is going to look pixelated and not good.

3. 1mm bleed on everything.

4. Files uploaded that are acceptable are: PDF, JPG, TIFF. You can email EPS, AI and CDR

5. We do not take Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Excel files.

If your artwork falls below this, we will of course advise you of this. This may cause a slight delay as you will have to confirm you still want to go ahead.

Please be aware if you upload pictures they might look OK on your Screen, but printing it on a larger scale may not work. 

If you want to send us a big file, use a file transfer service like

Send files to

If you struggle understanding any of this, just give Viper a call so we can help you.

If you want to use our online design tool, watch this 5 minute video to give you the skills you need.

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